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Construction Administration

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When all drawings are certified by the local building department, and construction is ready to begin, the phase of construction administration takes over the project.

A review of any samples submitted by the contractor is carried out by the architects, if necessary, to confirm that the materials provided are in accordance with the project specifications and quality standards. Any modifications necessitated by the project’s requirements are documented by the architects and entered into the project records. Following a request from the client, architects may authorize the contractor’s requests for payments during the life of the construction project, based on the quantity of work performed as viewed during site visits and documented in the contract..

As a full-service architectural firm serving both public and private sector clients, Kevorkian Architecture Inc. can help with every step of the design and construction process. Members of our staff monitor building project from the beginning of the planning process until it is completed. Our construction administration team keeps a close eye on the project’s development and looks into any concerns that may arise, all to make the building process more convenient for you.

We’ll work with the contractor to keep tabs on the construction’s progress and make sure it’s in line with the Construction Documents during the phase of Construction Administration. Whenever clarifications or changes in the work require it, we will approve payments, answer inquiries, and provide revisions to the Construction Documents.

Bid Evaluation & Award

We can provide our clients with complete bidding services vital to completing all construction projects because of our market knowledge and professional experience. These services ensure that contractors provide proposals consistent with the specified scope of work and provide them in an understandable format for their clients. The bids are analyzed and summarised so that clients may compare them at a glance and comprehend them. With our extensive network of reputable contractors, we can help our customers make an informed choice that ensures the project's success.

construction administration

Construction Contract Negotiation and Preparation

The customer hires contractors, and the architect functions as an "overseer" to guarantee that they build according to the design specifications. Construction contracts should go beyond those that customers can live with to ones that are meant to lean in their favor, according to Kevorkian Architecture Inc. Each party involved in a successful construction contract should be in a position to benefit from the deal. If this is not the case, one of the parties may abandon the partnership or terminate the project without meeting the expectations set out in the contract. While both party's interests are protected, each party is also responsible for accepting the risks they have control over. By clearly defining duties and responsibilities in the bidding documents, you may create the framework for negotiating the contract conditions.

High-quality Architectural Designs

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Site Visits

A project's construction administration phase is characterized by a significant shift in the workload, which is transferred from the architect's to the contractor's shoulders. In the absence of any unforeseen circumstances, our position will be an observer and a keeper of records. Our architects may develop a plan of regular site visits to get accustomed to the project's development. A weekly or monthly follow-up of the performance of the job is standard, with additional visits scheduled during particularly significant points of the construction process.

construction administration
construction administration

Response to Contractor’s Requests for Information

A formal Request For Information (RFI) is made to us whenever the contractor has a query about the interpretation of the drawings or documents. There is a possibility that we will be asked for additional dimensions or clarification on a drawing notation. A written response or an additional illustration or sketch may be used to explain our answers to these inquiries further. Whenever an RFI necessitates a change to the project timetable or budget, we'll submit a "change order" for your approval or denial.

Submittals Review / Approval

Submittal packet and shopdrawings submitted by the contractor to the architect for examination and approval are another critical contact building phase. This procedure aids in the maintenance of the project's quality standard. Inspections of the building's structural framing, mechanical equipment, plumbing, and electrical connections are conducted by our highly trained and skilled inspectors at regular intervals throughout the construction phase. The customer can rest easy knowing that the work they have had done is safe and compliant with the most recent versions of the building codes, which are designed to protect the health, safety, and well-being of everyone who uses the facility.

construction administration
construction administration

Schedule, deadlines, and owner expectation

Although we can visit your site weekly or monthly, we must keep an eye on things to guarantee that the ultimate product fulfills your expectations. To minimize costly delays and change orders, our engagement and ability to work rapidly with your contractor to solve difficulties are crucial. We serve as a counselor to the owner during construction administration. Photos and field reports will be taken on our site visits to document the progress, ensure materials and craftsmanship meet your expectations, and ensure your contractor's invoices appropriately reflect the amount of work done. To verify that all work is finished to your satisfaction, we assist you in creating a final list at the conclusion.