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Pre-Design / Planning Services

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Feasibility studies and pre-design studies are commonly referred to as pre-design architectural services.

Architecture Pre-Design overview

Pre-design planning is often overlooked by clients who want to jump right into the design process without understanding its importance. Analysis and planning are often preferable to architectural design. In other words, pre-design services can be started at any stage of the process. The sooner you bring in a team of experts, the more successful the project.


Our team uses a constructive, consensus-building, and integrative strategy to determine the project's overall vision, goals, and requirements in close cooperation with you. When obtaining a building permit, standard construction documents and design details aren't enough for us as your professional representative. Analysis of space requirements, constraints and opportunities of the proposed site, and cost vs. budget are conducted during pre-design.


When deciding which studies get priority, the amount of funding available during the pre-design phase is an important consideration. To assess scope, budget, and schedule, funds may be provided to construct a complete project plan or study-specific technical difficulties.

High-quality Architectural Designs

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Planning and project programming

Our mission is to assist our clients in making well-informed decisions that will help them achieve their planning and programming objectives. From site inspections to basic facility requirements to installations, development plans are all supported by our thorough planning and design efforts.

Our architects go through several stages in the planning and design process. If you need help with any aspect of planning or design, Kevorkian Architecture Inc is here to help. It is recommended that you book an in-house architectural team to visit your home and conduct a free site survey and feasibility study before beginning any renovations or remodeling projects. The purpose of the Construction Documents phase is to provide the contractor with all of the necessary paperwork to build the structure.

Using an integrated design approach during the planning and programming phases necessitates close collaboration between the project team members. As part of the process, the client is asked for input on how the new or renovated areas will be used by those who eventually occupy them. The architect is responsible for formulating the programmatic requirements. A client can request a wide range of purposes and levels of detail.

You’ll know exactly what goes into a building when using our programming services. Programming is often part of architectural pre-design services, but the architect can assist and advise the client. The program consists of a list of all the rooms included in the building, along with information about their general dimensions and expected occupants. In a movie theatre, a simple example of a program could be the number of theatres.

architecture pre design

Preliminary project budgeting

During building design, two budgets must be considered: one for time and one for money. These can be difficult to pin down in the early stages. Look at similar projects or past projects for inspiration. This is simpler for seasoned developers, but it's more difficult for new ones. Many of these issues can be discussed early on with a contractor or construction manager. With no architectural design, of course, they are only theoretical. A more thorough Pre-Design Architecture Phase can help determine preliminary budgets.


For Kevorkian Architecture Inc, accurate cost estimation and construction preliminary budgets are fundamental to a successful project management effort. For both residential and commercial projects, the first step is to make sure that the construction budget is accurate and that all soft costs are accounted for when developing the total project budget. To meet the project's objectives, we conduct a thorough budget analysis and set goals. At every stage, from budgeting to completion, we keep track of all documents and costs using sophisticated cost management systems and monitor deviations to ensure project delivery within budget.

Cost and benefit analysis

Analyzing a program's costs and benefits is done using a standard metric, and cost-benefit analysis is one method (usually monetary units). The net price or usefulness of the program can be calculated in this way.

There are many different ways to approach a project, and cost and benefit analyses are often used to determine the best course of action. A program's overall impact can also be measured in quantifiable and monetary terms using this method.

We calculate the total costs and benefits of a program or activity. Using our in-house engineers, we will do a complete set of structural load estimates, which will clearly explain what foundations, steel, and timber we need to utilize to build your building securely and effectively. Any building project would be incomplete without it. This allows us to work closely with our in-house engineers, who can help us design a structure that makes sense both on and off the drawing board.

architecture pre design
architecture pre design

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To guarantee that our architectural design services are of the highest quality across Canada, we have at Kevorkian Architecture Inc., a team of experienced designers with a thorough knowledge of Canadian planning regulations. Throughout the process, we will work closely with our clients to make sure they understand every step of the process and that the final product is something they can be proud of for years to come. In addition, we'll work with you to craft a project specification that's unique to your needs, drawing on both your guidelines and our experience.

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With Kevorkian Architecture Inc Canada, you'll work with a team of architects and designers who are committed to exceeding your expectations with their high-quality architectural services. Regardless of what we do, we are committed to protecting your privacy and security. We work quickly and efficiently, and we take care to put in place all necessary safety precautions to ensure that you are not inconvenienced in any way during the process. Free site inspections are available upon request; please do not hesitate to contact us.