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Architectural Design Services

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As a private architectural and design firm, Kevorkian Architecture Inc. Project management are the areas in which we specialize.

turn your dream house, office or building into a reality!

It is our belief at Kevorkian Architecture Inc that clean and honest work should be the norm. Practicality and luxury go hand in hand in our design philosophy. Throughout a project, we work hard to ensure that our clients' input is considered. Kevorkian Architecture Inc. designs to bring happiness and contentment to our customers.

High-quality Architectural Designs

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architectural design services

Conceptual design phase

Phase one of the design process is known as Conceptual Design. Programmatic problem-solving and creative visualization are critical components of this stage. The fundamental relationships between space and layout are explored, and innovative strategies are tested during our brainstorming sessions.

In the early stages of the design process, conceptual design is used to help guide the development of the product. When designing a structure, this document serves as a blueprint for its look and function. Drawings, illustrations, and even models are commonly used in conceptual design. For your architectural design project, we will provide you with a complete set of existing and proposed plans, sections, and elevations. Using these plans, you can estimate your construction costs and use them as a planning tool.

Schematic design phase

Schematic Design is the next step in the project's development after the requirements, feasibility, and conceptual ideas have been fully defined.

At this stage, you and our designers work through the project's concepts, limitations, and opportunities to design the site's location, building form, size, room relationships, and sizes, as well as the project's basic exterior design. With a schematic design, you'll leave with a clear picture of how the building will be constructed.


This is a highly iterative (and enjoyable!) phase in which clients are heavily involved and provide valuable feedback throughout the process. Once we have a good idea of what we want, we can do more detailed drawings. There are several design options that you will be presented with during your working meetings, which you will then discuss before deciding on a course of action for the building.

architectural design services
architectural design services

Building Permit Submittal

Our architectural services are based in Canada, so our architects have a deep understanding of Canada's planning restrictions and rules, which helps ensure that your application is granted on the first try and maximizes the value of your property.


Our architects will answer all of the jurisdictions’ questions about your application during the process. In addition to helping you design your project, our architects will work with your local authorities to get your plans approved and permission to proceed with construction. Contractors are obligated to build the project in accordance with the designs approved by the local building department. Any alterations to the plans require the consent of the relevant departments.  

Design development phase

Many of the most important aspects of a design are worked out during the conceptualization phase. The architect, engineers and owner work together to select a significant portion of the interior and exterior design. Materials, systems, and specifications will be finalized mainly during the design development phase to prepare the construction documents.


The final product will include all necessary information to move forward with the project at the end of this design development phase. For example, it's essential to have a clear picture of everything that goes into the building and how it all works together, as well as a solid grasp on how big it is and what it's going to be used for. Using this level of fine detail, our architectural team will produce a digital design that allows you to see the finished product.

architectural design services
architectural design services

3D visualization

When creating your architectural drawings, we use cutting-edge 3D modeling software. Because of this, we're able to produce photo-realistic renderings of the final product, giving you a better sense of the quality of our work. 3D Modelling is a component of our comprehensive architectural services. It helps the architect to present their concepts and models to the consumers in the most captivating way possible that will resonate with them and that they might keep in mind.

An accurate 3D model of your design can be created right here. As part of our architectural services, you'll always get these. As an architectural services firm, we rely on them to help us understand some of the more challenging aspects of our projects.

Energy simulation models

Energy modeling is here to stay! Architecture has been introduced to energy modeling due to technology's impact on the design and construction industry, just as technology revolutionized the world by ushering in the information age. A building's energy efficiency can now be tested before its construction. All seasons and sun angles can be taken into account, as well as the efficiency of engineered systems in energy modeling. Any number of iterations is possible to gain a complete understanding of what has been designed. As a result of energy modeling, design flaws can be eliminated, or changes made early in the design process before the building is even constructed.

Final specifications and detailed drawings

A project's success depends on how well it is planned in the beginning. A complete set of professional architect drawings can be created by our in-house design team as part of our architectural design services, allowing them to examine any potential improvements or flag evident flaws before construction has begun.

It is common in the construction industry to use an architecture plan drawing to document all aspects of a project, from the foundations to the windows. To ensure that your project runs smoothly, these drawings are a great way to ensure that our teams adhere to our high standards.